About translation support

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About translation support

Your uncompressed XML project files (.hmxp save mode) can be edited and translated directly with an XML editor or with an XML-aware professional translation tool like weblink SDL Trados, weblink Western Standard Fluency or weblink Across. Two customized configuration files for newer and older versions of SDL Trados are included with Help+Manual for proper display and editing of the XML output in Trados. Fluency also supports Help+Manual projects directly.

You can also translate your projects in Help+Manual itself. This can be done either in-house using your own copy of the program or by an outside translator working with Help+Manual as a translation editor. In this case only the Basic version of Help+Manual is required. The Basic version can edit all features of projects created with the Professional or Server versions provided they are saved in the single-file .hmxz format you cannot create some features with the Basic version, but this is not something the translator should be doing anyway.

In addition to this the Project Synchronization Tool makes it easy to identify topics containing changes in the next version of your documentation so that you can provide the translator with a new version of the project file to update.