Translating with external editors

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Translating with external editors

A growing number of professional translators use translation assistance and translation memory programs like SDL Trados, Fluency and Across that can edit XML files. Help+Manual's uncompressed XML project files can be edited and translated directly by these tools. They include XSL stylesheets for WYSIWYG previews and schema description files for automatic syntax and well-formedness checking.

No conversion, export or import is necessary you only need to use the uncompressed .hmxp save format so that the translators can access all the project files. Once the project has been translated you can open it directly and continue editing it in Help+Manual. Here too, no conversion or import is necessary.

It is also possible to edit and translate the XML files in your project with any XML editor, along with WYSIWYG previews if the editor supports that feature. However, some editors do not provide "protection" for XML tags and when translators work with these editors they have to be very careful not to delete or change any tags while they are working. Actually, Help+Manual itself is really the best XML editor for working on XML projects.


prod_tip       Productivity Tip

Configuration files for SDL Trados are included with Help+Manual Pro. This makes editing and translating your projects in Trados much easier. See here for details.

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