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EWriter eBooks for Windows

This is a proprietary Help+Manual format that packages WebHelp into a single .exe file that can be displayed on Windows machines without installation, additional files or software. It uses Windows' own HTML rendering engine to display the content, with full support for CSS3, HTML5 and JavaScript.

EWriter eBooks can be an attractive alternative to CHM files for documenting software applications on Windows machines. The format combines the benefits of CHM and WebHelp and eliminating the disadvantages of both.

You can use WebHelp skins for EWriter to get all the layout and formatting options available in WebHelp, including integrated search and a keyword index. At the same time, it is a compact single file like a CHM and supports context help calls from applications. Unlike CHM files, it can be accessed on networks, and unlike WebHelp, repeated application calls to the same EWriter eBook all open in the same window. It is stored in a single, compact binary file.

It features extensive security and access control features, starting with digital signing to make the distribution in .exe format controllable and secure. There is also password protection, protection against copying and printing, source code protection and even creation of eBooks with automatic expiry dates.


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Help+Manual Windows EWriter eBooks require MS Windows to display. Use ePUB, PDF or Word RTF if you want to generate eBooks that can be read on electronic eBook readers.

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Features and pros and cons of EWriter eBooks:

File extension:



A single executable file containing the viewer functionality and all data


Full MS Windows only, Windows RT and Windows CS not supported

Typical use:

Windows software documentation, computer and Windows tablet based eBooks, stand-alone documentation, time-limited subscription and demonstration books, kiosk applications (includes a kiosk mode)

Table of contents:


Keyword index:


Full text search:


Context-sensitive help:

Full support context-sensitive help. It is possible to make direct calls to specific topics and anchors in the help. Combines the functionality of CHM and WebHelp in a single compact file.


Yes, same formatted popup functionality supported as WebHelp.


Same as WebHelp

Printable by user:

Printing by topic, as in WebHelp. We recommend providing a PDF version for printing.


Combines benefits of CHM and WebHelp, eliminating the disadvantages of both formats. Reliable HTML rendering because the same Windows HTML engine is always used. Same layout and skinning flexibility as WebHelp. Full context sensitive help support. Single compact file. Accessible on local networks. Excellent security and access control features.


Full version of Windows only, not available on Linux, OS X, iOS or Windows RT. Not compatible with hardware eBook readers (but can be used on Windows tablets running full Windows 8).

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