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When the command line console closes it issues a standard exit code that you can use to control further batch processing if you are integrating Help+Manual output in your automated build process.

Note that a log file is not generated automatically, even if errors occur and the console will normally close automatically after the process finishes.

If you want to create a log you must explicitly specify this with the /L=<logfile> switch in your command line. Log files are not generated automatically.

If you want to be able to read the console messages you must include a pause instruction at the end of your batch file to keep the console window open. (This is only possible with a batch file, not with direct entry in the command line console.)

Exit code



No errors, compilation completed correctly


General critical error, compilation could not be finished, aborted


One or more warnings, see log file or console output for details


One or more non-critical errors, see log file or console output for details