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Skins & redefining variables

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You can also apply project skins and redefine some or all of your variables from the command line. Note that creating user-defined skins is only possible with the Professional and Floating license versions of Help+Manual. You can use existing skins with the Basic version but you cannot save or edit your own skins.

Skins are applied with the /O= switch and can completely restyle your entire project, including the user-defined variables. What the skin does depends what you store in the skin file – it is also possible to store only variables in a skin. The variables file method is applied with the /V= switch and only redefines variables.

When you are outputting to multiple formats you must enter separate /O= and /V= switches for each output format for which you wish to redefine the variables. See Output to multiple formats and .INI and batch files for details.

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