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When you are targeting WebHelp you want the main headings in your topics to use the standard HTML H1 through H6 heading styles so that search engines like Google will automatically identify the important subjects in your topics. You can achieve this by using Help+Manual's Heading1...Heading6 style naming convention.

Styles called Heading1 ... Heading6 are exported as H1 .. H6 in HTML

Getting this to work is simple. Just use styles called Heading1 through Heading6 for the headings in your topics that you want to export as H1 through H6 in your HTML output.

The Heading1 style is a predefined standard style that is automatically used for the text in your topic headers by Help+Manual, so the titles of your topics are always automatically exported as H1 styles in HTML.

To use H2 through H6 headings just define additional styles called Heading2 through Heading6 and use them for your sub-headings in your topics. They will then be exported as H2 through H6.

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