Inserting OLE objects

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Inserting OLE objects

OLE stands for "Object Linking and Embedding". It is a Windows technology that allows you to link or embed documents and files from other programs into your current document. Instead of importing the external document you just link to it, enabling you to update the external document if necessary without making a new copy.

Note that OLE objects are actually controlled by the OLE server of the associated application, not by Help+Manual. Whether and how the object is editable depends on the server and if the function fails it is due to the server, not to Help+Manual.

When you publish your content all OLE objects are converted to bitmap graphics. This means that you can only use document types that can be converted to static graphics.


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OLE objects are only "live" while you are working in the Help+Manual editor! When you publish your output they are always converted to bitmap graphics. This is necessary because the output formats do not support live OLE objects.

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