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There are situations where you will need to make a copy of a style repository in a different location. The most common scenario is when the repository contains snippet files that you need to translate to a different language. Different language versions of all Help+Manual projects must be created in their own separate project, and this also applies for style repositories. When you do this, it is important that you switch the repository in the most efficient way.

How Help+Manual handles snippets when switching to a new copy of a repository

Help+Manual locates repositories by their name. Snippets are nominally linked to the name of the repository that was active when the snippet was originally inserted. However, Help+Manual will still look first in the repository that is currently linked to the project. If it finds the snippet with the referenced name there, it will use it. Only if it cannot find it there will it then look in the original repository, if it is still listed in the Repository Manager.

Snippets in the new copy of the repository

Although the new copy of the repository itself needs a new name, all the snippet files must continue to have the same names. If they don't, they can't be found by the translated version of the project.

Switching to a copy of your original repository — procedure

Note that if you are going to keep both versions of the repository in the Repository Manager, you need to register the new version with a different name. Duplicate names are not possible, because the Manager uses the name to locate the repository.

1.Register the new repository in the Repository Manger under a different name.

2.Unlink the repository. When the Resolve Styles dialog appears, confirm that you want to remove all the styles. This will prevent possible conflicts when linking the new copy of the repository. Note that this doesn't remove the style assignments from the texts and paragraphs in your project.

Remove all the repository styles when you unlink the current copy of the repository

Remove all the repository styles when you
unlink the current copy of the repository

3.In the Use this repository field, select the style repository you want to switch to and click on OK.

4.Make sure that you select the option to Link the repository styles.

The styles will then be imported and will become available for all the texts and paragraphs that are already associated with them.