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The Screen Capture Tool

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Help+Manual has an integrated screen capture tool that includes all the functions you need to make attractive screenshots quickly and efficiently. In a unique feature available only on Help+Manual, it can also capture sequences of screenshots and display them as animated tutorials with a moving mouse cursor.

Screen Capture is in the Project tab

Screen Capture is in the Project tab

Special features

Composite captures:
After selecting the first area for capture you can use SHIFT+Click to add additional areas and create a composite capture.

Multi-monitor and hi-res support:
The capture tool fully supports multi-monitor configurations and high-resolution displays. You can capture on any monitor, even if one has a higher resolution than the other, and captures will be correct on both high and low resolution displays.

Capture animated screencasts

The unique Screencast feature captures a series of screenshots and turns them into an animated presentation with a moving cursor. This is ideal for showing how something is done and is very much quicker than trying to make a screencast tutorial with a video-based tool.

The Screencasts are compiled to your HTML-based output with the engine from EC Software's HelpXplain tool. Referred to as "Xplains", they are saved in the standard .xplain format and can be inserted in your topics and published without HelpXplain. If you do have HelpXplain you can edit them to create much more complex animations and presentations. See the HelpXplain website for details.

Editing with Impict or HelpXplain

You can add shapes, shadows and background colors and automatically resize your screenshots with a choice of high-quality scaling filters using the Impict graphics editor included with Help+Manual . Impict edits are non-destructive, which means you can always go back and change something if you need to.

Alternatively, you can also use the new HelpXplain tool to edit your screenshots and screencasts. It can then be configured to replace Impict as your standard graphics editor in Program Options.

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