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The Project Synchronization Tool

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The Project Synchronization Tool is used mainly to update translated versions of your projects. This tool compares the latest original version of your project with the last translated version and updates the translated version so that the translator can translate the new and changed material. It inserts new topics, moves moved topics, deletes deleted topics and identifies topics with changes. All new and changed topics are highlighted and the complete new version of the topic content is inserted above the old translated version.

The Project Synchronization Tool is only available in the Professional and Floating license versions of Help+Manual.

Project Synchronization is not needed if you are using translation memory!

The Project Synchronization Tool is only needed if you are not using a translation memory tool like weblink SDL Trados, weblink Western Standard Fluency or weblink Across.

If you are using translation memory, updating your translations is automatic and there is no need to synchronize your projects. Instead, you just give the translator the latest version of your project in the uncompressed HMXP format. The translation memory tool automatically identifies all the text that has not changed and replaces it with the original translations from its database for your projects. The translator then only needs to work on the new and changed texts. In many cases, much of this will also be translated semi-automatically, because it will contain identical or similar phrases and now familiar terminology.