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The first step of using Project Synch is creating a copy of your original project for the translator to work on. If you want, you can do this in Windows Explorer or any other file manager. However, if you do this you must then link the two projects as a "language pair" manually later. It is easier to use Project Synch to create a "sibling", then the two projects are "paired" automatically.

Project format:

If the project is going to be translated using an XML-based tool like SDL Trados, you must save the project and generate the sibling in uncompressed XML format. This format is only supported by the Professional and Floating license versions of Help+Manual.

The compressed single-file .hmxz format can only be translated using Help+Manual as the translation editor. Project Synch is also not available in the Basic version of Help+Manual. The tool is only included with the Professional and Floating license versions.

Synchronizing existing translations:

You can also synchronize projects that have already been translated without using the Project Synch function. However, there are a few points you need to bear in mind when doing this. Please see the Problems and Troubleshooting topic for details.