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If you create images with Impict that contain text objects you will also need to translate the texts in the images. If the translator is working in Help+Manual they can edit the texts directly in Impict – you just need to remember to give them copies of all the images in Impict's own IPP format so that the texts remain editable.

Translating image texts in Impict

If possible it is probably better for the translator to work directly in Impict to translate the image texts. Text lengths often change when they are translated and this will generally make it necessary to move and modify the text objects in the images. Some languages will also require a different layout because of the different structure and logic of the language.

If the translator works in Impict they can do this work directly, eliminating the need for you to have to do it later.

Exporting image texts to XML for translation

Translators using XML editors or translation tools will not have access to Impict. You can export the texts in your Impict IPP images to external XML files that these translators can edit. Later, you can import the translated texts from the XML files to the IPP images with Impict and make any necessary modifications.

For details see the chapter on Translating Texts in Images in the Impict help.