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prod_tip       Productivity Tip

Configuration files for SDL Trados are included with Help+Manual Pro. This makes editing and translating your projects in Trados much easier. See here for details.


Many professional translators and translation agencies use "translation memory" tools like SD Trados (this is the market leader) to translate Help+Manual projects.

The ICanLocalize web-based translation service used to feature translation memory and Help+Manual project support. However, as of July 2018 both of these are being discontinued in ICL because they are replacing their old translation memory editor with a new one.

Translation memory tools are generally too complex and expensive to purchase and learn yourself unless your company has its own translation department. However, the benefits of using them are so great that you should really consider working with translators who use them, particularly if you have extensive documentation that gets updated regularly.

If you can, using translation memory is definitely the most efficient way to manage the translation and localization of your Help+Manual projects.