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Git is now the leading version control system worldwide. It was developed by Linus Torvalds, who also created Linux. It is extremely reliable, fast, and secure, and much more flexible than previous systems. Microsoft has now switched to Git for version control for their own software development, moving away from their own Team Foundation Server (TFS) system.

Choose Git if you don't yet have version control

If you are not yet using a version control system, we strongly recommend using Git because it offers the best handling of Help+Manual projects. Microsoft's TFS is now sunsetted and it has always been difficult to manage. SVN is still excellent, but more and more users are switching to Git and its days are numbered. The number of available SVN distributions is dwindling fast, and organizations like Collabnet that used to provide SVN distributions and services have exited the market.

Simple Git management

Despite its great popularity, Git also has a reputation for being complicated and nerdy, and only accessible to Unix developers who spend 48 hours a day at their keyboards. It can be like that, because it has a literally huge range of capabilities and functions. However, there are now excellent tools for managing projects under Git, which we will introduce to you here, and the functions you need for managing and synchronizing Help+Manual projects are simple and straightforward.

All possibilities available for experts

At the same time as offering simple Git management, Help+Manual makes it possible for Git experts to configure the Git integration in any way they want. The scripts for interacting with Git are open and fully editable. See Scripts and Customization for details.