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Before using version control, you also need to activate it for the system you are using in Help+Manual.

Activating and configuring version control in Help+Manual

Select Program Options in the View tab and then the Version Control tab. Then activate support for the system you are using and make sure that the link to the main VCS program is correct. (See Scripts and Customization for details on the Custom VCS option.)



(1)Link to the Tortoise svn.exe program in the \bin\ sub-folder of the Tortoise SVN program folder.
(2)Add the path to your merge tool for SVN here. See Configuring a Merge Tool for details.


(1)Link to the git.exe program in the \bin\ sub-folder of the Git program folder.


Use the standard scripts without any changes to get started.

The "Custom Version Control" option

This option enables you to add another version control system not natively supported in Help+Manual. You will need to understand the scripting interface to this system and configure the script template for it with the necessary commands before you start to use it.