Using any VCS "passively"

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Using any VCS "passively"

Currently, Help+Manual supports the open-source Subversion system, Microsoft Team Foundation Server and Microsoft Visual SourceSafe. However, you can also use any version control system "passively", and you can still use multi-user editing. It just requires a couple of extra steps. This is possible because all project source files are plain-text XML, which is ideal for management in version control systems. In addition to this, Help+Manual also supports multi-user editing without the integrated support of a VCS.

Warning: Don't combine the single copy method with active version control support

When you're using version control passively it is okay for all users to work on one working copy at the same time, provided this does not cause problems for your version control system . Even so, you should check with the person responsible for managing your version control system before doing this.

However, you should never use the single copy method in combination with active support for version control in Help+Manual. This is also not permitted; Help+Manual will only open working copies on network drives in reading only mode. This is necessary because trying to do with this would cause serious loopback problems on the server.

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