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Subversion (SVN) also stores your project's Baggage files, graphic files and any other files and folders you like in the SVN repository. To be managed automatically by Help+Manual, the only requirement is that all these folders must be inside your Help+Manual project folder.

Baggage files and folders inside the project folder

All the files you add to the Baggage Files section are included in the repository automatically. Similarly, if you add folders inside the project folder of your local project working copy, Help+Manual will automatically add them and their contents to the SVN repository when you synchronize the project from within Help+Manual. You don't need to do anything to include these files in your SVN version control system.

Nothing outside the project folder can be included

By the same token, you cannot include anything outside the project folder in your SVN project. For anything to be managed in the SVN repository, it must be added to the project folder of your working copy.