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Once you have configured version control and set up your local working copy, using version control couldn't be simpler. You just work on the local working copy of your project and select the Version Control tool when you want to synchronize with the central repository on the server. You only need a network connection for synchronization. All your work on the project can be carried out offline.




See the separate instructions for SVN and Git to learn how to get everything up and running.

Synchronize both before and after working!

You should always synchronize before you start working, to make sure that you have all the latest changes added to the repository by your colleagues.

Then synchronize again at the end of your working session to add your changes to the central repository.

Synchronize often, coordinate with your colleagues

It is best to synchronize after every working session, even if your work is not 100% complete. Frequent synchronization makes conflicts with your colleagues' work less likely.

Also, it is advisable to coordinate with your colleagues on who is working on what part of the project. This is particularly important if you are going to make major structural changes, like deleting or moving topics and chapters and creating new topics. Good communication can eliminate time-wasting conflicts.