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Microsoft Team Foundation Server (TFS) is Microsoft's current integrated version control solution. It is the successor to the much older MS Visual SourceSafe (VSS), which is now deprecated and no longer available.

Recommendation: Use TFS if it is already available, choose SVN for new systems

TFS is an excellent version control solution if it is already installed and configured for your working environment. However, getting it up and running is much more complicated than SubVersion (SVN). Also, SVN generally offers more flexibility for managing Help+Manual projects than TFS.

If you already have TFS installed and integrated in your other workflows then by all means use it for Help+Manual. But if you are setting up a new version control system for use with Help+Manual we recommend that you choose SVN over TFS.

Supported TFS Versions

Help+Manual supports Team Foundation Server 2012, 2013 and 2015 (there is no 2014). Earlier versions will not be supported.

Important: Install all updates for your version of TFS!

You may experience problems if your are using an outdated copy of your version of TFS. For example, if you are using TFS 2015 you will possibly experience connection problems with the TFS server if you have not installed Update 2 or later.

Microsoft's online TFS repositories are not currently supported

The online TFS repositories offered by Microsoft are not currently supported because they have a completely different API and authentication system. Support for this may be added in the future but we do not currently have a time frame for this,.