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The settings for the appearance and features of the viewer app are stored in each eWriter Help file. You configure them in your project.

Look in the Project Explorer on the left while your project is open and navigate down to Configuration > Publishing Options > eWriter Help. There are two tabs of settings, Visual Appearance and Menus and Translation. See the next topic for the settings in the second tab.

The Visual Appearance and Security Settings

The settings in this section control the appearance of the eWriter Help viewer, an icon and logo and some security options



prod_tip       Zoom +/- Keys

In your finished eWriter Help file, pressing the CTRL+[Plus] and CTRL+[Minus] keys will zoom the eViewer display in and out


Window title

The eViewer window title displays the title of the help file/project. This is a static display that does not change with the current topic. The previous per-topic display is no longer supported. The behavior now matches other formats, including CHM, PDF and so on, which all have static window titles.


eViewer Window:

These settings define the size of the eWriter viewer window when the user first opens it. Once the user has adjusted the size this setting is ignored. You can also set the size and the position of the window on the first call from your software with the defpos command in your call to the viewer. This command will be ignored if you use it in subsequent calls once the viewer has been opened.

The dimensions use virtual pixels that adapt automatically to the resolution of the user's monitor.

Custom Icon (Windows only):

Choose an .ico format icon file to be displayed for your help file in Windows Explorer. This setting is ignored on the MacOS version.


Optional logo image with an optional URL to a web page. This is displayed in the title bar of the eViewer on the right, next to the Print icon.

Copy and print options:

Restrict the ability of the user to copy or print content.

Important – copy/print restriction requires a custom context menu!

In order to be able to restrict copying and printing you must activate a custom context menu in the General Settings page. If you don't do this the embedded browser engine provides copying and printing facilities that cannot be disabled by the eWriter viewer.

Require Admin mode:

Windows EXE files only

The user can only view the help file from an Administrator Windows account. This is only for integrated EXE eWriter Help files with the viewer and the book in a single file.

Open external links in default browser:

When this is selected, links to external web pages open in the user's default web browser.

This is recommended, because otherwise the external pages will open in the viewer, replacing the current help entirely. Also, the embedded browser may not provide desirable functionality for normal web pages that often need to navigate elsewhere.


Password required to open the help file and text prompt to display when asking for the password.

Including the password in application calls

If your book is protected with a password you can include it in the call from your software with the p= switch so that the user does not need to enter it. However, be aware that doing this is not secure, as it may be possible to retrieve the password on computers where this has been done.

eViewer.exe "ewriter://<path>\myhelp.ewriter?pw=password"

Expiry date:

Create a time-limited eWriter Help file that expires automatically on a specific date. The file cannot be opened or accessed after this date.