HTML and HTML Help questions

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HTML and HTML Help questions

Click to expand/collapseMy HTML Help CHM file doesn't work on a network drive – I just see error messages instead of the topic pages!


Click to expand/collapseI entered tab stops or spaces to create indents but they don't work in any HTML-based output formats!


Click to expand/collapseSearch isn't working in my HTML Help CHM output, even though I enabled it in my project configuration!


Click to expand/collapseI can't activate search in my WebHelp output!


Click to expand/collapseI want to change the Top / Previous / Next navigation texts in the topic headers of my output!


Click to expand/collapseHow can I change the title of the help viewer window?


Click to expand/collapseI entered the title correctly but the help viewer of my CHM file always has the title "HTML Help"!


Click to expand/collapseThe names of my image files are displayed as tooltips in my HTML-based output formats!


Click to expand/collapseThe popups in my HTML Help output are only plain text, although I included bold and other formatting in my popup topics!


Click to expand/collapseCan I view and edit the HTML Help source files?


Click to expand/collapseI want to use my own custom icons in the HTML Help TOC!


Click to expand/collapseMy help file fails or crashes if it is installed in a path containing a # character!


Click to expand/collapseI would like to call a HTML Help CHM file from the command line!


Click to expand/collapseOur programmers need a list of help context numbers!


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