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PDF questions

Click to expand/collapseThe formatting of topic headings in my PDFs doesn't match what I see in the H+M editor!
Click to expand/collapseMy PDF files seem to be too big. What could be causing this?
Click to expand/collapseWhere are the settings for activating/deactivating PDF pages?
Click to expand/collapseI configured my template to start chapters on odd pages but all my chapters are starting on the next available page, no matter whether the page is odd or even!
Click to expand/collapseGraphics in tables extend beyond the edge of the page in PDF output!
Click to expand/collapseThe text in my PDF output looks strange or garbled!
Click to expand/collapseI created a PDF with active hyperlinks but the links are invisible!
Click to expand/collapseMy hyperlinks to topics in other projects don't work in PDF!

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