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About Help+Manual

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Help+Manual is a professional help authoring and documentation tool that is as easy to use as a normal word processor. Originally, help authoring tools were developed to make it easier to produce interactive help files for Windows applications in the standard Microsoft help formats.

Help+Manual can do this and much more. In addition to publishing your projects as standard Windows help files you can also produce websites for access on the Internet, Adobe PDF files, printed manuals and a number of other formats.

This is why we refer to Help+Manual as a help authoring and documentation tool you can use it for creating and managing documentation of all kinds: Software documentation, production documentation, corporate information systems accessed on the Internet or your intranet and much more.

Help+Manual is XML-based has full support for flexible single sourcing, team authoring and conditional output.

Single sourcing:
Publish multiple formats from the same project at any time.

Help+Manual project files are pure XML for maximum flexibility. The Basic version saves in a compressed format with all project files packed into a single file. The Professional and Floating license versions can also save as a directory of plain-text XML files.

Team authoring:
Multiple authors can work on the same project (requires the Professional or Floating license version).

Conditional output:
Generate different versions from the same project.

Reuse content:
Create libraries of reusable topics and texts and insert them in your projects in Link or Copy mode. In Link mode the texts update everywhere where they are used when the original files are changed. In the Professional and Floating license versions you can also reuse topics from other projects directly.