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Command line project converter

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The project converter also has a command line version that you can use manually and in batch files to convert old Help+Manual 3 and Help+Manual 4 projects. (Help+Manual 5 and 6 projects do not need conversion.)The program file is called HMXConv.exe and is stored in the Help+Manual program directory.

The syntax of the project converter command line module is displayed automatically if you open a command line window at the Help+Manual program directory and enter HMXConv.exe (the version with a graphical user interface is HMC.exe).


Project converter (hmxconv.exe) command line syntax:

HMXConv.exe Inputfile Outputfile [switches]

Always enclose all paths and filenames containing spaces in quotes.

Wildcard characters are not supported.

Switches can be included in any order after the output file argument.

Relative paths are relative to the current directory this is either the current directory  of the command prompt or the directory you set with the CD command in your batch file.  


The converter application, include a path to the program if necessary. It is stored in the Help+Manual program directory.


The file to be converted. Include the extension (.hmx or .hm3) and the path if necessary. Wildcards are not supported.


The name of the converted project. You must include the extension, as follows:

If you don't use the /decompress switch use the extension .hmxz, a compressed .hmxz file will be generated.

If you do use /decompress use the extension .hmxp and include a path to an empty folder.


Prevents creation of a Former Invisible Topics folder in the TOC. Your invisible topics will still be imported to the Topic Files section in the new project.

By default the converter creates a folder called Former Invisible Topics in the TOC to show you the  invisible topics that have been imported from your old project. This folder's build options are automatically set to "none" so that it is not included in your published output. It is a convenience only and is not really needed.


Sets the number of levels of invisible topics folders in the new Topic Files section. The default value is 1, the maximum value is 10. Set to a higher number if your old project contains multiple levels of invisible topics that you want to preserve.


Saves any console messages to the specified log file. Include a path if you want to specify where the file is to be saved.


Generates a detailed conversion report. This will also be diverted from the console to the log file if you include the /log switch.

Options for Help+Manual 3 (.hm3) files


Converts fixed-width tables to autosize mode.


Makes the last column of tables dynamic so that the table width can adjust automatically.


Merges tables that are less than tolerance pixels apart from each other.


Attempts to convert Help+Manual 3 style names to dynamic styles in the new project's stylesheet. Text that is not associated with a clearly-defined style name will not be converted.