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Most of these settings are "housekeeping" for your project. They include things like the title of your project, language settings, customized topic status settings and the locations of images and snippet files used in the project.

In addition to this section also includes settings for some of Help+Manual's special features:

Text Variables:

This section allows you to define and store any number of variables for use in your project. You can use both plain text variables for inserting text anywhere in your project (also in the TOC, keywords and Configuration) and HTML variables for inserting HTML code in your HTML templates and HTML code objects.

This is very useful for texts that may change after you create your project, such as program names and so on. You can then change the texts in your entire project just by editing the variables, and you are always sure that all instances have been changed.

Custom Builds:

This section allows you to define your own include options. Include options are like tags that you use to include or exclude text, topics, chapters or entire modules from your help output. You simply tag content with your include options in your project and then select or deselect the corresponding options in the Compile Help File dialog when you publish.

Miscellaneous Options:

This may sound unimportant but it isn't! Some key settings that don't fit anywhere else are stored here, so do check it out.