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This section allows you to define your own include options, which are also referred to as build options. These options s are like tags that you use to include or exclude text, topics, chapters or entire modules from your help output. You simply tag content with your include options in your project and then select or deselect the corresponding options in the Publish dialog when you publish.

See Conditions and Customized Output for details on using this function in your projects.



Select to add a new user-defined build option.

Spaces and a number of special characters are not allowed in build option names. They will simply be removed if you enter them. It is best just to use A..Z and 0..9. All the characters you enter will also be converted to upper case.

The Display Text is displayed in the lists of build options used in the program to help you identify the individual options. By default it is the same as the build option name but you can change it if you want. Just click in the text in the Display Text column and edit.


Deletes the current build option from the list.

Note that Help+Manual does not check whether you have used the include option in your project when you do this!

Undefined include option tags used in your topics will still be functional and since you cannot select them in the Compile Help File dialog they will always exclude the text they enclose.

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