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This section contains the relative paths to folders where you store the graphics and external snippet files used in your project.


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The project search paths are all relative to the project directory the full path is only shown for information. This makes it easier to move your project and your graphics and snippets folders.

How Help+Manual locates graphics and snippet files:

When you insert an image or snippet file in your project Help+Manual only stores the file name, it does not store the path to the file. It finds the file by searching all the folders listed in the Project Search Path, in the order in which they are listed.

This makes it easy to move project and graphics folders to other locations. However, it also means you must be careful to avoid duplicate graphics file names in different folders. See Managing your graphics for more information.



To insert a new entry click on Add Entry and navigate to the folder you want to add.


To delete an entry click on the entry to select it, then click on Remove Entry.



The Move Up and Move Down buttons move entries up and down in the list. This controls the order in which Help+Manual searches folders to locate graphics files.

Remember that Help+Manual always inserts the first file with a matching name that it finds with a matching name. If two folders in the search list contain files with the same name the first file will always be inserted. The second file will never be found.

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