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Windows eWriter eBooks can be viewed on any Windows computers and devices, including Windows tablets. The standalone eViewer viewer is available in a Windows Store version, that is installed automatically on Windows 10 when a user opens an .ewriter file, and a standard Win32 version for users on earlier versions of Windows. See The eWriter eViewer App for details.

This is an HTML-based format that shares some settings with the other HTML-based output formats supported by Help+Manual.

EWriter is WebHelp packaged in a single compact file

Basically, eWriter is WebHelp packaged in a single file. You can optionally even combine it with an integrated viewer, just by publishing with the extension .exe instead of .ewriter.  Then the book and the viewer are available in a single compact EXE file that can be viewed by double-clicking it on any Windows domputer. Generally, however, it is better to use the standalone eViewer viewer.

You can use WebHelp skins for creating eWriter eBooks and fundamentally all the same layout and formatting options are available. The settings in this section configure the appearance and behavior of the embedded viewer.

EWriter compared to CHM and WebHelp for software help

Help+Manual's eWriter format is a fully viable replacement for the obsolete CHM format for software help. Particularly on Windows 10, where users automatically get the eViewer eWriter viewer app from the Microsoft Store as soon as they open an .ewriter file. And developers just need to include the compact Win32 eViewer application for compatibility with all versions of Windows from XP on up.

EWriter, which is really local WebHelp in a single file, can also be a good alternative to WebHelp for developers who need to install their documentation together with their applications. WebHelp can be preferable when it can be installed on your Internet web server. Then you can update your documentation at any time without having to redistribute.

Shared settings:

The options in the HTML Export Options section for WebHelp are also used for eBooks (ePUB, Kindle/Mobi and eWriter eBooks). These settings are accessible in the WebHelp section of your project configuration. Settings that are not relevant for individual formats are ignored in those formats.