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This topic covers the basic procedure for generating eWriter Help files. See the main Publishing sections for general publishing instructions.

Formatting eWriter Help

The eWriter Help format is WebHelp packaged in a single file. See the formatting sections in the WebHelp chapter for details on how to skin and format your content. Note that if you are using Premium Pack skins you should choose the dedicated eWriter skins instead of the WebHelp skins.

Choice of two eWriter Help formats

You can generate eWriter Help as a data-only file, or as a standalone EXE file with an integrated viewer. The EXE version is for Windows only. The data version can be used on both Windows and MacOS with the separate eViewer viewer application.

Data eWriter help files

This is now the preferred format. The eViewer application is easily available for both Windows and MacOS and the data version can be distributed easily without any security concerns, even by email. Windows 10 and 11 users who don't have the viewer are automatically prompted to install the Windows Store eWriter Viewer when they try to open an .ewriter book file.

To generate a data version you just give your output file the standard .ewriter extension, or a custom extension if you are using eWriter Help for your software documentation.

EXE eWriter with viewer and help in a single file

This format is practical because all you need is a single file that the user opens on Windows with a regular double-click. You can also use it for software documentation as it includes full support for context help calls. However, it works on Windows only and is difficult to distribute because users will be warned about the dangers of downloading EXE files. You also need to digitally sign the EXE files with your own code signing certificate to distribute them safely.

To generate the EXE version, just change the extension of the output file to .exe in the Publish screen and Help+Manual will generate an EXE eWriter Help file. However, the new method with the universal standalone viewer is almost always preferable.


1.Open and select your project in Help+Manual. Then select Publish in the Project tab, then click on Publish Format at the top of the page and select eWriter Help.

2.Choose an output folder and file name for your eWriter Help file in the Output File: field. The extension you give your output file determines the type of eWriter Help file that will be generated:

a.Data eWriter Help file: Use the standard .ewriter extension or your own custom extension for your software documentation.

b.Standalone EXE eWriter Help file: Use the .exe extension to generate a standalone eWriter Help file with an integrated viewer. This only works on Windows.

3.Click on the Select Skin bar and select a WebHelp skin. If you are selecting an edited skin for the first time you will need to click on the Open Skin option at the top of the menu displayed to navigate to the skin file and select it.

4.Look in the Include Options box and make sure that both WebHelp and eBook are selected. Since eWriter combines aspects of both these formats, both these options need to be active.

5.Select Publish Now! at the top right to generate the eWriter Help file.