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These options configure how fonts and symbol characters are exported to HTML output formats. The same settings can be configured in both the WebHelp and Microsoft HTML Help (CHM) sections, but they are used globally for all HTML output formats (WebHelp, CHM, eWriter, ePub, Kindle, Visual Studio Help).

Important: This section is not included in skins

This section is not stored in HTML skins, it is project-only. Even if you are using a skin, you must still configure this in your project.

Export Symbol fonts as SVG

Converts characters of the Symbol fonts specified here to SVG glyphs on output. SVG graphics scale just as well as fonts, but unlike Symbol fonts, SVG graphics work in all browsers and cannot be blocked by ad blockers or security settings as web fonts can. They also make it possible to use Windows-only Symbol fonts like Windings on the web.

See Special characters, lines and breaks for full details.

Define HTML font families

This section allows you change the predefined HTML font families in Help+Manual and define your own for additional fonts. Font families are a list of alternative fonts to be used if the user's browser does not have access to the main font you have defined.

See HTML fonts and headings for instructions.

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