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The settings in this section have an effect on the appearance and style of your PDF output. The most important setting is the link to the print manual template which defines the page layout of your PDF output and adds additional pages and features (cover, index, contents etc). See PDF and Printed Manuals for details.


Interactive PDF document:

Generates a PDF designed for interactive on-screen viewing. When you select this option hyperlinks in the PDF are active and the entries in the print-style Table of Contents at the beginning of the document are actively linked to the topics they refer to.

When you select this you should also activate Underline Topic Links and paint in color (see below) to make your hyperlinks visible.

Similar to a printed manual:

Generates a static PDF designed for printing rather than on-screen viewing. Automatically disables all the other interactive options in this section.

Create Table of Contents:

Generates an interactive Table of Contents which is displayed in the "Bookmarks" section of Adobe Reader. Only available for interactive PDF documents.

Note that this is not the same as the Table of Contents section configured in the print manual template, which is designed for use in printed PDFs.

Outlines are numbered (

If you activate this option the entries "Bookmarks" Table of Contents displayed in Adobe Reader will also be numbered automatically.This option uses the standard legal numbering format for chapters/sections and sub-chapters/sub-sections.

Important:  You cannot change change the numbering style for this auto-generated TOC. It is generated by the PDF viewer, not by Help+Manual. Even if your PDF template uses another numbering style, the Bookmarks TOC will still use the standard legal style if this option is activated.

Apply numbers to links:

If outlines are numbered, links that point to these Table of Contents entries do not automatically pick up the numbering of the outline. You can enable that with this option.

hm_pdf_layout_applynumbering0_zoom20   hm_pdf_layout_applynumbering1_zoom20   hm_pdf_layout_applynumbering2_zoom20

PDF has active hyperlinks:

Make the hyperlinks (topic links, file links, web links) in your topics active and clickable in the PDF document.

Only available if you select the Interactive PDF Document option as well.

Underline topic links and paint in color:

This allows you to choose whether the links in your PDF are visible and defines the color.

If you turn this off in a PDF document with active hyperlinks the links will still be active but they will be formatted as normal text and will not be visible!

You can also choose whether you want links to be underlined or not with the option Single Underline / No Underline.

Insert page referrers:

Inserts a small icon containing the link target page number after every hyperlink. Recommended for PDFs designed for printing. You can choose from a number of different referrer icon styles. Try them out and see which one you like best!

File links - embed linked files:

Activating this option physically embeds external files in the PDF file so that you can distribute additional files with your PDF document. Only files linked to in your document with file links will be embedded.

Ignore blank pages in PDF file:

If you configure your print manual template to start chapters on odd pages you will have blank pages in your PDF file. This is fine for printing but not so good for on-screen viewing.

This option enables you to suppress the blank pages without editing the print manual template. Don't forget to turn it off after using it, however – otherwise it's easy to think that "Start on odd page" isn't working!

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