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These options set the standard options for saving the PDF output file. These are identical to the options that you can set in Acrobat and they should all be self-explanatory. Note that some PDF viewer programs may not support some of the options you activate here.


PDF/A Mode:

Activate PDF-A mode for compatibility with the official long-term archiving options. See this Wikipedia page for details.

Text compression:

PDF text compression. Should usually be set to Deflate for maximum compression.

Image quality:

Activating JPEG compression reduces file size but also reduces the quality of the images in your PDF file.

Open mode:

How and what the PDF displays when the user first opens it.

Zoom mode:

Default zoom mode to be activated when the user first opens the PDF.

Viewer layout:

Default PDF viewer layout to be activated when the user first opens the PDF.

Owner and user password:

Passwords you can set to protect the PDF against changes or unauthorized opening. Use in combination with the user permissions check boxes on the right.

Document information:

The information displayed when the user selects the document information option in the PDF viewer program.

Using variables:

Note that you can use variables in all the Document Information fields.

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