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There are some additional settings that are relevant for PDF output when you are publishing Unicode-based languages like Asian languages.

The Reference Printer Driver for PDF

In addition to the language settings in the Project Explorer in Configuration > Common Properties > Language Settings, which apply to all output formats, font handling in PDF and printed user manuals is also controlled by the reference printer driver that is used to generate the PDF output. (Printed manuals are also generated using PDF.)

Problems with the reference driver used for generating PDF output can also result in incorrect displays for special characters and international languages. However, if you experience issues like this first check the language settings of your project to make sure that everything is set up correctly. If you still have problems in your PDF output after making sure that your language settings are correct you can try using a different reference printer driver.

To set the reference printer driver for PDF output go to View > Program Options > PDF Export. See Program Options - PDF Export for more details.

CID font embedding

The CID font embedding option enables more efficient embedding of Unicode fonts in PDF files, particularly for Asian languages with very large character sets. You can set it  in Configuration > Publishing Options > Adobe PDF > Font Embedding. See CID font embedding for Unicode fonts for more details on this.

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