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The Repository Manager is used for registering style repository projects in your Help+Manual configuration and removing them. Style repositories must be registered with your copy of Help+Manual to be used. After registering, you can then use them in your projects. See Working with Style Repositories for full details.



Select a .hmxr style repository project and add it to the registered lists of repositories for your copy of Help+Manual. You must add a style repository to the list before you can link it to a project.


Remove (de-register) a style repository from your Help+Manual configuration. This does not delete the style repository project. It just removes its registration from your copy of Help+Manual.

Use this repository:

Link a repository:
Use this list to link a style repository to the current project selected in Help+Manual.

Unlink a repository:
Select Project does not use a style repository at the top of the list to unlink the repository from the project selected in Help+Manual.

Link styles:

When you select this option the styles in the style repository are actively linked to the Help+Manual project. When the styles are updated in the style repository they are automatically updated in the linked project.

The styles are locked in the project and cannot be edited there. They can only be edited in the style repository project.

Use this option to manage styles centrally for multiple projects and projects edited by multiple authors.

Copy styles:

This option simply copies the styles from the style repository to the project. The styles can then also be edited in the project.

Use this option for more "relaxed" style management: Create a project basing its styles on the repository styles, then make any additional style changes in the project rather than in the style repository.

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