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Save the current project in another name and/or location and in a different format. You can use this option to switch between the single-file compressed format (HMXZ) and the uncompressed XML format (HMXP, only available in the Professional and Floating license versions). Both these formats have exactly the same contents, the HMXZ format just packs the component files into a single compressed archive file (zip format).



flag_green        Modular Projects

When you select Save As.. in a modular project Help+Manual always saves the master project. You must edit child projects separately if you want to save copies of them.


In addition to this you can also save your project as a skin or a style repository.

Help Project (single file):

Save the current project in compressed, single-file format (HMXZ). This is the only format available in the Basic version of Help+Manual. Same contents as the uncompressed HMXP format, with all files saved in a compressed zip archive with the extension .hmxz.

Help Project (uncompressed XML):

Professional and Floating license versions only. Save the current project in uncompressed XML format (HMXP). Required for multi-user editing and linking to version control systems. You must save in an empty folder, although you can add other sub-folders yourself later. All the files are plain-text XML, including the main HMXP project file.

Skin XML file:

Professional and Floating license versions only. Save the current project as a skin. You can then apply the templates, styles, variables and layout it contains to other projects on publishing by selecting the skin file in the Publish dialog. See Transforming your output with skins for details.

Save as a Repository:

Professional and Floating license versions only. A style repository is a special uncompressed HMXP project without a table of contents. Linking it to a project makes the styles and topics in the style repository available in the project. This enables you to share a common set of styles between multiple projects and use the topics in the project as snippets, together with the styles they are defined with. See Working with Style Repositories for details.

Rescue Copy:

The earlier Rescue Copy option has now been replaced by an automatic rescue copy for drive system failures and an ongoing background backup of unsaved edits for recovering from system crashes.

Automatic rescue copy

If you are unable to save your project because the drive it is stored on becomes unavailable or unresponsive Help+Manual will display an automatic rescue copy option that will allow you to save those topics with unsaved edits to a special copy of the project containing only those topics. You can then copy your changes back to the main project when it becomes available again.

Ongoing background backup

All your unsaved edits are stored in a background backup until you successfully save your project. If your computer or Windows crashes or you experience some other catastrophic event that prevents you from saving, Help+Manual will offer to restore your unsaved edits from the Rescue Copy the next time you open the project.

See Backups and Emergencies for more details on both these features.