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The File menu provides access to major functions requiring large, interactive dialogs with lots of information and configuration options. This is where you open existing projects, create new projects, publish and print your projects, save your projects with other names and in other formats and so on.

The following entries are only described briefly here. See the links in the descriptions for full details.

Open, Save, Save As, Close, Exit:

Open an existing project, save or close the current project, exit Help+Manual.

Recent Projects:

Select a project you have worked on recently.

New Project:

Create a new Help+Manual project; either a completely new project or with data imported from another source. See Creating Projects for full instructions.


Import data from other documentation formats to the current project. See Importing data into existing projects for details.

Version Control:

Connect the current project to a version control system or download a working copy of a Help+Manual project from a version control repository. See Using Version Control Systems.

Print Manual:

Print the current project as a formatted paper manual. See PDF and Printed Manuals.

Repository Manager:

Manage Style Repositories for sharing Help+Manual stylesheets and snippets between multiple projects. See Working with Style Repositories.