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The Project group contains functions for publishing your project, jumping to bookmarks and accessing your Project Configuration settings.

Project group options:


Displays the same Publish dialog available in the File menu

Clicking on the lower part of the icon executes a "Quick Publish" to the selected output format, applying the last settings used.

Print Manual:

Displays the same Print Manual page available in the File menu.


Displays a list of the bookmarks defined in your project. Selecting a bookmark in the list jumps to the topic containing the bookmark.

You can also add a bookmark to the current topic and delete bookmarks.


Links to the different sections of the Configuration section of your project that is also available directly in the Project Explorer.

Refresh Project:

Reloads the project and updates the TOC and editor display. This is only active for multi-user editing and projects linked to a version control system repository.

Version Control:

Only displayed in projects under recognized version control. Options for synchronizing the project with the VCS repository and other related functions. See Using Version Control Systems.

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