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PDF Templates and Manual Designer

This menu provides access to the Manual Designer, with which you can edit your PDF Templates. If PDF templates have already been used with the project you can select them here to edit them in Manual Designer.

The Print Manual Designer is a separate program included with Help+Manual. It is used for editing the  template files that define the layout and appearance of the PDF files and printed manuals generated from your projects. The Print Manual Designer program has its own separate help and documentation.

HTML Skins and Word DOCX templates

You can also select available HTML skins and Word DOCX templates in this menu.

HTML Skins are actually a special kind of Help+Manual project and they are opened in Help+Manual. See Transforming your output with skins and HTML Output and HTML Templates for more information.

DOCX templates are Word DOCX files and they are opened in MS Word. See Word DOCX Templates for more information.

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