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The Manage Topics group contains all the main functions for creating topics and manipulating them in the Table of Contents (TOC) and Project Files sections of the Project Explorer.

Several of the options in this menu already have keyboard shortcuts. You can assign shortcuts to the other options yourself in View > Program Options > Shortcuts.

Topic group options:

Add Topic / Add File:

Name changes depending on whether you are in the TOC or Project Files.

Create new topics, chapters and topic files.

Delete topics, chapters and topic files


Expand and collapse branches in the Project Explorer

Filter Explorer display by build options

Disable Drag & Drop in Explorer to prevent accidental editing

Open selected topics in a new tab


Set build options for topics and chapters

Change the item status (colored highlight in the TOC)

Change the icon displayed for the item (not supported in all output formats)

Convert a topic to a chapter without text and vice-versa


Locate topics by ID and help context numbers

Locate topics containing links to the current topic


Load topics from external XML file, and from RTF, RVF, HTML and TXT files

Save topics as XML files or reusable snippets (text blocks in external files).

Reload (refresh) the current topic, for example to display updated images.


Move selected topics around in the TOC (up/down)

Promote and demote topics in the TOC (left/right)

Edit topic caption

Print topic

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