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This sub-menu contains options for locating topics in your project and links to and from selected topics.

The Find Topic dialog:


Typing text in the Select Topic: field automatically takes you to the first topic in the list matching the text you type. (This does not work for help context numbers.)

The topic IDs and help context numbers of modular child projects in your TOC are not shown in the list.

Find Referrers:

This option displays a list of all links to and from one or more selected topics. It is normally displayed in the main program window but you can undock it by double-clicking on its title bar. To redock just double-click again.

The Find Referrers report includes both normal links and links in graphics hotspots. However, please note that the report does not include any references to topics that may be contained in scripts, macros or plain HTML code that you have entered yourself.

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