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The options in this sub-menu are for changing the properties and functions of selected TOC items and topic files (some functions are only available for TOC items).

Include in Builds

Sets or clears conditional build/include options for the selected TOC items or topic files. This feature is used to include or exclude topics from your published output. You can do the same for content inside your topics with the Conditional Text tool. See Conditions and Customized Output for details.

Topic Status

This is an editing aid. It allows you to "flag" topics in the TOC with colors associated with "status" name as a reminder of the current editing status of the topic -- for example "Needs Review" or "Out of Date". You can define your own status options with Define Custom Status and you can edit your status definitions in Configuration > Common Properties > Topic Status.

Topic status is not exported when you publish, it is an editing aid only.

You can also use topic status to exclude unfinished topics from your output. Just select the option "Complete Only" in the Publish dialog and all topics with a status other than Complete will not be exported when you publish.

You can also sort and group the display of your files by topic status in the Topic Files file viewer see Managing topic files in the Explorer for details.

Change Icon

Allows you to change the TOC icon of the selected topics in the TOC. Only the displayed icons are available in HTML Help (CHM) and eWriter Help. Topic icons are not supported at all in ePUB eBooks.

If you want chapter icons to switch automatically between the "open" and "closed" versions you must use one of the first eight icons and make sure that "Automatic" is activated in the Change Icon menu.

In WebHelp you can also use your own custom icons, which you can set in Configuration > Publishing Options > WebHelp > Navigation.

Convert to Chapter without/with Text

Converts the selected chapter topic to a chapter with or without text. A chapter topic without text is just an empty node in the Table of Contents and does not have any content of its own or any properties. If you convert a chapter topic with text to a chapter topic without text the text in the deleted topic will be moved to a new sub-topic.

Note: Chapters without text are deprecated in modern documentation and we do not recommend using them.