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This sub-menu contains options for saving and loading selected text and topics to and from external files. You can save topics and selected text to Help+Manual XML files. You can load topics from Help+Manual XML files and also from RTF, RVF, HTML and TXT files.

The Reload Topic command refreshes the current topic. This can be useful when you have changed a graphics file on the hard disk and also when multiple users are working on the same project (use together with Refresh Project in the Project tab).

Dialog options:

Load Topic from file:

Create an empty topic before using! Overwrites the current topic with the contents of an RTF, RVF, TXT, HTML or Help+Manual XML file.

Save Topic to File:

Saves the entire topic to a Help+Manual XML file that you can use as a snippet or load with Load Topic from File. Saves and loads the topic's keywords with the topic file.

Save Snippet:

Text in topic selected:
Saves only the selected text to a simple Help+Manual XML file without any keywords.

No text selected:
Saves the entire topic to a Help+Manual XML file along with keywords (same as Save Topic to File).

Reload Topic:

Reloads the current topic file in the editor. Refreshes graphics if the graphic file has been changed and can also be used to refresh topic lock status for multi-user editing.

Revert Topic:

Discards any changes made to the topic since your last save and reloads the last saved version of the topic.

Version control system options:

These options are only displayed in Help+Manual Professional if you have Microsoft Visual SourceSafe or a 100% compatible version control system installed. In addition to this the current project must be linked to a VCS database. See Using Version Control Systemsfor full details.

Get Latest VCS Version:

Get the latest version of the file from the VCS database – use to make sure that you have updated the latest changes when you have activated manual check-out for the current project.

Check Out:

Checks the current topic out of the VCS database so that you can edit it. Only active if you have set manual check-out for the current project.

Check In:

Checks the current topic back in to the VCS database so that other users can edit it. Only active if you have set manual check-out for the current project.

Undo Check Out:

Use to 'reset' topics that are already checked out when you open a project set for manual check-out. This can happen if you or another user forgets to check their topics back in after editing them. Only active if you have set manual check-out for the current project.

Show History /
Show Differences:

Opens the interface of your VCS so that you can view the history of the current topic and the differences between versions. These functions are provided by your VCS, not by Help+Manual – see your VCS documentation for instructions.

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