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This sub-menu contains options for saving and loading selected text and topics to and from external files. You can save topics and selected text to Help+Manual XML files. You can load topics from Help+Manual XML files and also from RTF, RVF, HTML and TXT files.

The Reload Topic command refreshes the current topic. This can be useful when you have changed a graphics file on the hard disk and also when multiple users are working on the same project (use together with Refresh Project in the Project tab).

Dialog options:

Load Topic from file:

Create an empty topic before using! Overwrites the current topic with the contents of an RTF, RVF, TXT, HTML or Help+Manual XML file.

Save Topic to File:

Saves the entire topic to a Help+Manual XML file that you can use as a snippet or load with Load Topic from File. Saves and loads the topic's keywords with the topic file.

Save Snippet:

Text in topic selected:
Saves only the selected text to a simple Help+Manual XML file without any keywords.

No text selected:
Saves the entire topic to a Help+Manual XML file along with keywords (same as Save Topic to File).

Print topic:

Sends the current topic to a printer.

Reload Topic:

Reloads the current topic file in the editor. Refreshes graphics if the graphic file has been changed and can also be used to refresh topic lock status for multi-user editing.

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