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The "mini toolbar" in the Manage Topics group is mainly for editing the structure of your Table of Contents. You can move topics up and down and also change the "level" of topics in the TOC this is done by "demoting" or "promoting" topics. In addition to this the mini toolbar contains functions for printing the current topic and editing the topic caption.

Mini toolbar functions


Move the selected topic up or down in the TOC. This doesn't change the current level of the topic, it just moves it.


Promote or demote the selected topic in the TOC hierarchy. "Promoting" (left arrow) a topic moves it up to a higher level for example it moves a topic out of a chapter onto the same level as the main chapter topic. "Demoting" (right arrow) moves the topic down to a lower level for example making it the sub-topic of a chapter.


Edit the TOC caption (title) of the topic. You can also edit the caption by clicking in the TOC and pressing F2 and by clicking twice slowly in the TOC.


Print the current topic. Displays the standard Windows Print dialog.


You cannot choose a print range because the function always prints the entire current topic.

The topic is printed with all the formatting from the editor, including links, graphics etc, but without any of the layout options provided by the print manual templates used for printing PDF files and user manuals. Headers and page numbers are not included in the printout.