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The Clipboard group contains a standard set of tools for using the Windows clipboard (Copy, Cut, Paste, Paste as Text). You can use the clipboard tools for copying both content in topics and for topics and chapters in the Project Explorer.

Remember that Drag & Drop also work both in the editor and in the Project Explorer, also between different projects.

Special Paste Commands:

Paste as Text:


Pastes copied text as plain text, without any formatting (bold, underline, graphics etc).

Use if you want to copy text without any formatting from other topics, projects or other programs such as MS Word or a web browser.

This feature is also useful for pasting text into paragraphs formatted with styles without transferring the style of the copied text into the target paragraph.

Paste HTML:

Paste material copied from HTML pages into Help+Manual.

Use for copying formatted text, images etc. from web pages into the Help+Manual editor.

When copying from some graphics programs this can be used to paste transparent PNG and GIF images from the clipboard without losing transparency. See Inserting Graphics and Screenshots for details.

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