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This is a standard find and replace function but with a couple of extra features for finding and replacing in Help+Manual projects. The dialog can be used both for simple searches and for replacing text. The dialog serves dual purpose, both for searching without replacing and for searching and replacing in the same operation.

Note that you cannot search for or replace text in the topic captions in the Table of Contents (TOC).

The Find & Replace dialog:


Note that some of the buttons on the right will be disabled depending on where and how you are searching. For example, you cannot replace in the Table of Contents, but you can in Captions (TOC captions, topic titles). Wildcard characters are not supported.

Dialog options:

Find in:

Search in the current topic (default), all topics from here or all Topics.

Find Where:

Topic text and header searches the content of your topics.

Topic keywords searches the keywords stored in the Topic Options tab on the left of the main editor window.

Table of Contents locates topics in the TOC by their title. Replace is not supported in this mode.

Captions searches the TOC captions (topic title) stored in the Topic Options tab on the left of the main editor window. Replace is supported in this mode.

Image filenames searches for references to graphics files. You can use this mode to "replace" images in your project by making image references point to different graphics files.

Conditional texts searches for conditional text tags inserted with the Conditional Text tool.

Find what:

Enter the text you want to find here.

Replace with:

Enter the replacement text here.

Find Next:

Starts or continues the search.

Find All:

Finds all occurrences of the search term and displays them in a report screen with links to the topics.


Replaces the current instance.

Replace All:

Replaces all instances of the search text. A prompt is displayed to make sure that you want to do this before proceeding.

Note that the scope of Replace All is also defined by the selections you make in Search Options!

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