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This dialog is displayed by clicking on the Borders tool in the Write > Paragraph group and then selecting Borders and Shading.

These settings allow you to apply borders and colored backgrounds to paragraphs. Most of its features should be familiar from word processing programs and pretty self-explanatory. Exactly the same dialogs are displayed for formatting text manually and for defining styles.

The Format Borders & Shading tab:


When you format text manually border and background attributes are applied to all paragraphs that are at least partially selected, or to the paragraph in which the cursor is currently located.

Multiple paragraphs with a background color may have white space between them. Multiple paragraphs with borders will have individual borders around each paragraph instead of one border around all paragraphs. To avoid these problems press SHIFT-ENTER instead of ENTER between paragraphs with borders and backgrounds.

Dialog options:


These settings define the color and dimensions of the border and the background. The Offset is the distance between the border and the paragraph.


The buttons around the Preview window activate or deactivate the border display for top / bottom / left / right.

Border style:

You must select one of these styles to display borders. If None (the default) is selected no borders will be displayed!

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