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The Paragraph group contains the tools for formatting paragraphs manually. In addition to justification, line spacing and indents this also includes tools for creating bulleted and numbered lists and applying borders and background colors to paragraphs.

The following reference only shows the Paragraph group tools that are not entirely self-explanatory.

Paragraph group tools:

Paragraph dialog:


Clicking on the small dialog icon in the bottom right corner opens the normal paragraph formatting dialog in which you can apply all available paragraph formatting settings.



Tools for bulleted and numbered lists. List definitions are separate from styles. Click on the arrows next to the list tools to display a list style gallery and the options for opening the list dialogs.



Increase and decrease paragraph indents. These tools can also be used in lists, where they change the level of the list items.

Borders and Shading:


Displays a menu in which you can apply individual simple borders or open the full Borders and Backgrounds dialog to set more complex options for the current paragraph.

Alignment and Line Spacing:


Adjusts the paragraph alignment and line spacing.

Clicking on the main line spacing button successively increases the line spacing of the text at the cursor. The menu displayed with the arrow on the right of the button allows you to select a range of individual line spacing options.

Keep with Next, Keep Together, Word Wrap:


Keep current paragraph with next paragraph, keep selected paragraphs together, turn word wrap on and off.

Be careful with the keep together options. If you over-use them you can create oversized unbreakable blocks that run off the bottom of the page.

Keep with next and keep together are only active in PDF and Word output.

Text marks:


Clicking this tool displays paragraph end markers and tab characters in your text so that you can see them more easily. You can turn this on permanently with the settings in View > Program Options > Editor.

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