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Scripts and HTML

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In addition to creating word-processor style content, experienced help authors often want or need to "get under the hood" of their help output and add their own code in the form of JavaScript, HTML code or Winhelp macros. Help+Manual has extensive facilities that allow you to do this:

You can create links in your text that execute Winhelp macros or JavaScript code in the appropriate output formats. These links can be inserted both in the text of your topics and in hotspots in your graphics.

You can enter inline HTML code in your topics that will be inserted in your output exactly as you wrote it, without any changes. (HTML-based output formats only, of course.) This code can include anything supported by HTML, including scripts.

You can manually edit the HTML templates that are used to generate the topic pages in HTML-based output formats.

You need to be familiar with HTML, scripting and Winhelp macros to use these features. It is assumed that you know what you are doing and the code you enter is entirely your responsibility. It is not corrected, parsed or syntax-checked by Help+Manual. The only exceptions are some graphic file references in your HTML topic page templates, which are parsed and exported with your output.

The topics in this section provide some extra background information that will help you to use these features more effectively.