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About Winhelp macro links

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Although the obsolete Winhelp format is no longer supported, the Winhelp macro option in the Insert > Hyperlink function has been kept because it makes it possible to use four Winhelp macros as "shorthand" methods for implementing features in HTML Help CHM files that would be much more complicated if you programmed them manually. Help+Manual automatically converts these four macros into the necessary CHM ActiveX code.

No other Winhelp macros can be used. You can only use these four, and only for HTML Help CHM output.

Winhelp macros translated in HTML Help:

The following four Winhelp macros are supported for HTML Help because their syntax is much easier to use than the equivalent source code for HTML Help. When you use these macros, Help+Manual translates them into the necessary ActiveX commands and scripting in HTML Help.

You can only use these four macros, and only for HTML Help CHM output:





This is particularly useful when you are using A-Keywords to build automated See Also.. lists and links between help files in modular help systems.

For details see Inserting script and macro links and Using A-keywords.

Note that only keywords are supported as arguments in the ALink and KLink macros when they are used in HTML Help. All other arguments are ignored.

You don't need the ExecFile() macro

If you have upgraded from Help+Manual 3 you may be wondering what has happened to the ExecFile() Winhelp macro, which used to be translated in HTML Help. This is no longer necessary because you can now use file links instead, which produce the same result much more efficiently.

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